Introducing Maryjanecones , the premium pre-rolled cone that will elevate your cannabis experience to new heights. Crafted from non-bleached organic paper, Maryjanecones ensures a pure, untainted smoking session without compromising the taste or aroma of your favorite strain. Our eco-friendly paper is not only better for the environment, but it also provides a more natural smoking experience.
The super thin, almost transparent paper allows you to truly appreciate the beauty of your cannabis while granting you a unique and unparalleled smoking session. With the delicate, lightweight construction of the Mary Jane cone, each puff feels incredibly smooth, allowing the exquisite flavors and fragrances of your chosen cannabis to shine through.
Experience the difference that a superior quality pre-rolled cone can make in your next smoking adventure. Choose Maryjanecones, the ultimate marriage of sophistication, sustainability, and luxury for the discerning cannabis connoisseur.

About Us

Maryjanecones are made especially for you, we created the brand to let you enjoy our hand rolled cones from Indonesia. Pre-rolled cones made with precision and the best available materials. Enjoy good moments.

Dutch and Indonesian relation

Maryjanecones is a brand of Amsterdamcones. Amsterdamcones is created by 2 friends after a holiday in Indonesia. Besides of having holidays we did the study food technology.
Working with products and building up an own brand was one of our dreams and we realised it.  In Indonesia we met the right people who became friends, together we produce (besides of other brands) our pre-rolled Maryjanecones.



Protas is the company we choose for production of Maryjanecones. Protas is a strongly motivated GMP and ISO certified company based at Java in Indonesia. Protas, one of the forerunners in the field of Cones innovation.

Canada &  North America

Christopher Ward & Steve Grabenheimer are the representation on the North American continent. These experts with experience can be reached at for your questions and possibilities.


here below find more information about the Maryjanecones products.
We offer you the most popular sizes of Maryjanecones on our website.
If you want to try maryjanecones let us know and we will bring you in touch with the nearest selling point.

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All other continents:

Feel free to ask for the possibilities realise your own branded customized cones!

Kingsize 109 mm Cones

We are proud to show you our range of kingsize Maryjanecones. The kingsize cones are available in several kinds of packaging. Consumer and Bulk, time to Enjoy!

Dogwalker 70mm Cones

The maryjanecones dogwalker! The perfect solution for just a little bit, easy to fill and go! All kind of packaging, maryjanecones dogwalkers, not only for owners of a dog.

Become a re-seller.

Become a re-seller or distributor and make your clients more satified. Besides of our Maryjanecones we have awesome promotion material to help your business grow. E-mail us for more information.

1 1/4 size 84mm cones

This popular size of cone is also available in a range of different packaging. Quality maryjanecones for you in the most popular sizes Choose what suits you the best! 


Maryjanecones lovers are special people. On request we produce even more special cones for you. We can produce your customized cones, contact us for more information.

Of course quality is like the other maryjanecones and all producs made with highest quality slowburning European woodpulp paper.

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What Our Clients Say

Here we  share some reviews of  our customers, happy to hear the positive reactions of people around the world using maryjanecones.

Yes, I saw many cones. Now i found my favourites.  Your cones i would recommend 


“Fill the cone and enjoy”


You can be our next satisfied client, contact us and let us know your reaction

Where you come from

New: Maryjanecones unbranded

Now available, Maryjanecones unbranded. The high quality pre rolled cones of maryjanecones. Maryjanecones unbranded without a logo on the filter. Basic Packaging towerbox. No nonsense, no unneccesary costs for dispensaries,  pure quality, straight to the point.

Advertisement in HighLife guide

In 2021 we decided to design and place an advertisement of Maryjanecones in the international HighLife guide.
The HighLife guide is a product of Soft Secrets.
Soft Secrets is the source of cannabis information for growers and users worldwide. From cultivation and legalization, to recreational and medical use, since 1985. The history of excellence continues to this day with a focus on presenting the public with the latest information and research findings, and advocating for a legal and safe cannabis industry.

Our supplier Protas GMP and ISO certified

In 2022 became our Maryjanecones supplier GMP and ISO certified. We as Maryjanecones choose Protas for production of our cones. The way Protas handles the products, before, during and after the production process. Taking care of his staff, people with the right skills and training. Motivated team with enforcement and knowledge of the standards. This is to allow you to enjoy these maryjanecones quality products. Congratulations to Protas.

Visit Maryjanecones at tradeshows

In 2024, Maryjanecones will be present at various trade fairs. In Europe and Canada, we are going to see where to be represented. We don’t like to invest a lot of money to be present at all events. Our preference is to allow you to enjoy perfect cones at a normal price. If we know where we will be participating in events, we will share this information shortly.

Contact Us

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Pls. contact us by WhatsApp +6281222330307
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For North American Inquiries, call:
Toll-Free: +1 437-291-7971

(Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia)

For North American Inquires, e-mail:


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